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Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

  • A young Girl named Brooke. Cancer at the age of 4, the cancer has returned. The Dr's said there's NO HOPE...We know differently! Pray!
    prayer | | Farmingdale, ny

  • Please please please! Praying for our nation
    prayer request | Charles | Farmingdale

  • My friend Tenas has health issues and searching for job and want to reunite with his wife peacefully. Please pray for him to get relief
    prayer request | First Name or leave blank for Anonymous | Chennai

  • Please pray for Neff Ruiz - Spinal decompression. Cancer of the liver
    prayer request | Helena | Farmingdale, NY

  • God to bring unity among every believer.
    prayer request | | Farmingdale

  • O God, please help us and teach us to build a wall [of prayer] around the USA, Canada and Poland. Are you ready to stand in the gap?
    prayer request | Edmund | Zileonk aPoland

  • RE: Urgent Need of Immediate Revelation, Divine Intervention, Intercession and Deliverance   Dear Pastor/Church, Please call me back asa
    prayer request | Christopher Jorgensen And fiancee Mariette | Karlsruhe Germany

  • Dear Team Please pray for us: "Oh God, now is the time. We need your hand of deliverance over Marie Grace and those in her care, even the n
    prayer request | marie | new zealand

  • Just had total knee replacement surgery, please pray for my healing, mobility and minimal pain! Thanking God in advance for all his mercies
    prayer request | Ann | Copiague

  • Please pray for Jeanette Gonzales and family ... She is about to loose her Dad ... The whole family is hurting and request prayers ...
    prayer request | Pastor | Farmingdale

  • I am having concerning lymphatic swelling. Please pray that the cause is nothing of concern and for healing.
    prayer request | Aimee | Austin, tx

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  • Doris Hardee Mom needs prayer from a battle with cancer
    prayer request | Eddie | Farmingdale

  • My friend has been dabbling in the occult and is very paranoid. Please pray.
    prayer request | | Portland area, OR

  • No Voices, No Noises, No Pain, No Sounds in my head. No Suffering. No Depression. No Anxiety. No Gagging. No Choking. No Nightmares. No
    prayer request | Anonymous | Buffalo ,NY

  • My special needs daughter and I are currently homeless and looking for help and guidance. Please pray for us to find a suitable home.
    prayer request | Cassandra | Farmingdale, NY

  • Please pray for my husband: 1. commitment to Christ and 2. employment opportunity since he was recently laid off. Thank you.
    prayer request | Sonia | Massapequa

  • I have a blood clot in my carotid artery. I am seeing a Cardiologist very soon. Please pray for me. I trust that God will answer.
    prayer request | Lynda Gigliotti | Farmingdale

  • My daughter's friend's mother, just went in for emergency brain surgery last night due to a spreading infection.
    Prayer | Yvette |

  • I am praying that my friend Gladys five year old daughter Arlett will not being getting sick so often. That Gladys will work out her taxe
    prayer request | Arturo | San Antonio, Texas

  • Hello would your church please pray for me because I have a thyroid tumor and need to be healed by our savior Jesus Christ.
    prayer request | Christopher Allen Brown | Fort Smith

  • MYjJco http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com
    prayer request | JimmiNu | New York

Praise Reports

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  • The right side of my neck is healed. Praise God. Thanks for the prayers. Lynda
    praise report | Lynda | Farmingdale

  • Today I have a more comfortable neck, and am rejoicing over answered prayer. Thanks be to God for Pastor and all who prayed for me. Lynda
    praise report | Lynda | Farmingdale

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